[a portmanteau of ‘garbage’ and ‘rubbish’; may have originated with SF author Philip K. Dick] Garbage; crap; nonsense. “What is all this gubbish?” The opposite portmanteau ‘rubbage’ is also reported; in fact, it was British slang during the 19th century and appears in Dickens.

Last night I went to the Breakdown Press launch at Gosh Comics. Launched were Windowpane 2 by Joe Kessler, J.1137 by Antoine Cosse and Treasure Island part 1 by Connor Willumsen. Breakdown is a fairly new UK independent publisher and it is putting out some really lovely work. Gosh had displays of Joe and Antoine’s original art. Antoine’s originals are amazing, and highly detailed, Joe’s oversize art was a pleasure to see.

All publications are available from Breakdown Press.

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